We don't allow broom cleaning, or spot These are videos of rentals of those who moved out, but stated they cleaned.

I'm sure they did clean, but not as requested in MoveOutProcess.com
cleaning or a quick surface cleaning, see if it will pass type of cleaning, won't pass with us.

These videos were taken due to disputes between tenant and management. If we appease and let it go, who will be obligated to take care of it? 

The landlord's cost?
The next person moving in, let them deal with it?


Have the moving tenant follow MoveOutProcess.com












These are only a few of several hundreds of videos obtained over 40 years of property management.

Some clean as stated in MoveOutProcess.com

There are others who just fly by as fast as they can, we call that broom clean, or spot cleaning.

Again, please follow the process as outlined.

If you have questions on anything, go to OurLeaseExhibits.com


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